Embedded Systems Jobs

Embedded Systems Jobs

For embedded developers

Embedded Software Engineer


- Embedding platform design and architecture build, requirements analysis, software design and development.

- Porting, tailoring, debugging and drive the development of the embedded systems.

- Embedded audio-related software development and optimization.



- Proven working experience in software engineering.

- Ability to use management software such as git, and has teamwork spirits.

- Solid programming experience in C language.

- Familiar with RTOS, proven using experience in operating system and multi-threads programming.

- Familiar with TCP/UDP/ HTTP/ MQTT/ WebSocket.

- Proficient in using Wireshark.

- Familiar with peripherals: such as I2S, SDIO, USB, etc. Has audio-related products development experience is preferred.

- Familiar with UART/SPI/I2C/CAN and many other common communication protocols, can read circuit schematics, and has hardware debugging experience is preferred.

- Critical thinker

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