Embedded Systems Jobs

Embedded Systems Jobs

For embedded developers

Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Senior Engineer – Embedded – Boot Loader Software

Experience: 3 to 6 yrs

Job Description:

As a part of an ECU team, you will Involved in identifying the requirements, designing the architecture, and designing the modules required for developing the bootloader.

Key Technical Skills:

  • Excellent C programming skills
  • Hands-on experience in bootloader development
  • Experience in UDS protocols( I14229/I14230 )
  • Knowledge of flash programming procedure
  • Knowledge of protocols like CAN, SPI, I2C
  • Experience in developing bootloader for non-automotive applications
  • Hands-on development experience in UDS module development (Good to have)
  • Hands-on experience in designing the architecture of bootloader (Good to have)

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