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Embedded Systems Jobs

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Madrid, Spain or Hamburg, Germany and/or Remote (Full remote)
Senior Embedded Linux Engineer

About the job

This position is open to any Linux Engineer with deep expertise in embedded systems and distributions and how the internals of the Linux operating system works. We seek experience at the Linux Kernel level and early userland with an understanding of how to put the whole stack together. You can also think through complex solutions involving several software components and specific hardware requirements.

The role centers around the Pantavisor open source project, developing the core technology and commercial engineering work. Core development of Pantavisor is the critical aspect, and it calls for an experienced engineer with sound capabilities in C architecture. From the commercial side, it involves much board support work, understanding vendor BSPs, modifying kernels and adapting tailor-made userlands to work under a Pantavisor environment.

We offer excellent, fast-growing startup environments with local perks in either Madrid, Spain, or Hamburg, Germany. We will also consider candidates from all over the globe for remote work. Expect some travel for customer support and conference attendance, but the total amount should be less than 10%. In addition, we offer highly competitive compensation and the possibility to take part in the growth via a comprehensive stock options plan.


  • 5+ years of experience developing embedded Linux solutions.
  • 5+ years of experience with general Linux distributions and packaging.
  • Familiarity with key aspects of the Linux kernel. Container technology and Wireless subsystems are of major importance.
  • An incredible drive to solve deep complex problems that touch several levels of the Linux stack.
  • An insatiable appetite to create awesome technology.

Other things

Conference attendance to key industry events such as ELC, different open source summits, Plumbers, etc. Depends of course on having a reasonable need for attendance.

Contribution and visibility in open source community projects.

Pantavisor Linux and Pantacor Hub are fully open source products. We believe in open source and the ideal candidate should share this vision.

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