Embedded Systems Jobs

Embedded Systems Jobs

For embedded developers

Embedded System / Firmware Engineer


Having secured long-term investments and partnerships, we are looking for a Firmware/Embedded engineer who is interested in a management-oriented role.


We are TG0, a team behind a platform technology. We build 3D interactive control products for automotive, consumer, gaming and aerospace applications. We have built a prolific product portfolio working with well-known fortune 500 companies in various industries.

Our technical development focuses on artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced signal processing to accurately detect variations in touch across flexible uniform interactive surfaces. Our technology can sense pressure, location, speed, and moving direction without embedding metallic sensors, replacing complicated electronic networks with one simple material and smart software algorithms.

We are a team who enjoy each other, who love to have fun and who value beauty, novelty and innovation. We form long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners, We take pride in our teamwork, perfectionism and passions to create things that people have never seen before and love, with effortless and elegant manufacturing.


  • Research and development of different technologies
  • Writing robust and testable code for embedded systems
  • Working tightly with electronics, software and mechanical design teams
  • Testing and qualifying systems from rapid prototyping to mass production
  • Creating, managing and collaborating on new and existing projects
  • The chance to interact with clients from well-known brands and manufacturers.
  • Pushing the commercialisation of disruptive technology in multiple markets.


  • is an autonomous, self-driven person
  • is a good communicator
  • has a good vision of the feasibility of a given technology
  • Experience in firmware/embedded system development
  • Experience with real time operating systems such as Free RTOS and Zephyr
  • Fluency in embedded C, C++ or Arduino
  • Practical experience with communication protocols such as I2C, UART, CAN and SPI
  • Knowledge of wireless communications including BLE, classic bluetooth and WiFi
  • A plus if you have experience in the following:
  • Knowledge of automotive certification & design constraints such as ISO26262 and MISRA
  • Good and fast hand-soldering skills


  • Competitive salary + possible Share options.
  • Open and home-like working environment in London.
  • Opportunities to make real products for mass markets such as automotive, aerospace, gaming and IoT.
  • Opportunities to work within a diverse team and to directly interface with the hardware and design team.
  • Full support for self-initiated innovations.
  • Visa if needed

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