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Diamond Foundry Inc.
San Francisco, California
Principal Engineer, Hardware Development

Diamond Foundry Inc. is one of fastest growing, profitable technology startups. Creating the future of diamonds for jewelry and semiconductor applications, we use proprietary plasma reactor technology to produce high-quality diamond without carbon footprint and sell diamond jewelry online via our VRAI direct-to-consumer brand.

We are looking for an expert level mechanical engineer to develop new versions of unique and custom CVD equipment. You will work with an experienced team of engineers and scientists performing both iterative improvements and from scratch design on advanced vacuum manufacturing equipment. You will develop novel solutions to existing problems, creating prototypes and working with the hardware evaluation team to test your concepts. You will use your judgement and experience to lead small development teams to deliver results.


  •  Creating novel hardware solutions to drive performance improvements and bring new capabilities to vacuum manufacturing systems
  • Generating new designs in CAD, acting as lead engineer for mechanical design
  • Working with other R&D team members to test concepts, find performance issues, and evaluate hardware
  • Leverage simulation engineering resources to improve computer models of various systems, using these models to drive design
  • Creating reports and visualizations of design concepts for use by other engineering departments and management
  • Analyzing cost/benefit of new designs and capabilities, creating business cases for your ideas
  • Create realistic cost and timeline budgets for development projects, and adhering to project plans
  • Troubleshooting issues with the R&D CVD line, bringing in resources from other departments such as maintenance or equipment engineering when necessary
  • Writing technical documentation to detail equipment changes, and explaining new capabilities


  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering, or other appropriate Engineering discipline
  • Expert level knowledge of mechanical design, manufacturing methods, and
  • 5+  years of hands on experience working hands on in an development or manufacturing environment
  • Comfortable working hands on with complicated and sensitive equipment
  • Results driven mindset and data-based decision making
  • Effective communicator, must be comfortable working closely with team members of various levels
  • Flexible, independent, and adept at working in a fast-paced environment
  • Proficient various methods of engineering calculation and analysis
  • Expert level CAD user (Solidworks Prefered)
  • Experience with Vacuum manufacturing systems of any kind

We are rapidly expanding and are hiring for positions in:

 San Francisco, CA - technology

 Los Angeles, CA - ecommerce

 Wenatchee, WA – foundry

 Shanghai, CN - ecommerce

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