Embedded Systems Jobs

Embedded Systems Jobs

For embedded developers

Ingolstadt, Germany
Audio Software Engineer (m/f/d)

Job description:

  • Bring-up and validate audio and voice processing systems in lab and car environments
  •         Install and configure embedded system software
  •         Set up and verify electrical and acoustical components
  •         configure, analyze and debug audio systems
  •         Develop scripts or tools to automate calibration and validation tasks
  • Work with algorithm R&D teams to
  •         Identify critical system characteristics
  •         Find optimal system configurations – tuning
  • Support customers with
  •         questions on tuning and associated tools
  •         product tuning and certification tests
  • Prepare demonstration setups and support customer presentations

Your profile:

  • Software skills: understanding of and ability to work with embedded systems
  • Programming skills: C, MATLAB, Python, version control, Linux / Android
  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or similar.


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