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Embedded Systems Jobs

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Consumer Safety Technology
USA (Full remote)
Firmware Support Engineer

With over 30 years of ignition interlock leadership, Intoxalock has expertise in helping drivers regain their license after a drunk driving charge and preventing any attempts at impaired driving. We have over 4,300 installation locations across the country, offer 24/7 customer service through our website, and are available in all 50 states.

We hire people who we expect will produce exceptional results, deliver amazing service to our clients including customers, attorneys, state associations and more, and inspire positive change within the company.

Job Purpose:

This role is a critical member of a small technical team developing firmware for embedded products that have a significant nationwide installed base. The Firmware Engineer is primarily responsible for developing product firmware for continuous improvement of our existing products as well as updating or creating new tools to assist engineering test, operations repair, and contract manufacturers.

Key Accountabilities:

1. Design and implement new features and unit test firmware on embedded processors in our custom designed solutions.

2. Troubleshoot and diagnose production issues, collaborating with cross-functional technical team and provide solutions.

3. Work with project lead to determine coding, programming, and integration activities required.

4. Collaborate and communicate with internal and outsourced development partners.

5. Effectively communicate firmware changes and impacts to external teams and stakeholders.

6. Build stable, efficient, high performance, testable, and maintainable solutions.

7. Evolve our current Windows based firmware debug and test tools.

8. Document technical details of firmware operation

Success in this position requires individuals who have the following skills:

1. Expert diagnostics: Ability to think with clarity and logic, identify and connect seemingly disparate information sources to get a holistic picture and define the problem clearly. Investigate beyond the 'surface' of the problem to solve for the root cause.

2. Connector: Network and connect individuals to problem solve. Assemble subject matter experts to troubleshoot and critically think through issues. Freely share information and resources to co-create a whole that is better than the parts.

3. Comfort with uncertainty: See opportunity in every challenge. Be willing to search further than what is known and personal experience, for a solution. Accept that there may never be perfect information for a solution. Adopt a solution-oriented mindset and frame options. Help others define enough of the problem to make decisions and move forward. Be ready to pivot if the environment requires. Embrace a try, fail, learn perspective.

Job Requirements:

1. Positive attitude and willingness to learn

2. C/C++ coding abilities

3. Familiarity with various source control and defect tracking systems

4. Knowledge of I2C, USB and UART drivers, runtimes and bootloaders

5. BS in electrical/computer/software engineering or equivalent work experience

Related skills:

6. Familiarity with modern fault tolerant IoT communications a plus.

7. Experience with embedded RTOS, Win 10 IoT, WinCE, Linux or Android is a plus

8. Arm, PIC or 8051C processor knowledge a plus

9. Experience with C#/.Net a plus


Equal Opportunity Employer

It is and will continue to be the policy of CST, LLC to practice a program of equal employment opportunity designed to assure that employment and advancement opportunities are made available to all employees and applicants on the basis of individual qualifications and without unlawful regard to race, religion, color, veteran status, national origin, disability, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex or genetic information

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