Embedded Systems Jobs

Embedded Systems Jobs

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Institute of Space Sciences
Barcelona, Spain
Embedded Systems Engineer

Job description: The candidate will participate in the design, implementation, validation and use of a new remote sensing equipment to fly on-board of a drone. This will be a prototype instrument towards a future satellite based instrument. Its main participation will be on the development of the digital back (System On Chip – FPGA) end of a drone-based remote sensing instrument with special focus on the implementation of digital electronics. Thus, knowledge and experience on projects based on VHDL and other hardware description languages are welcome. The candidate will also be responsible of creating the documentation (in English) of the implemented designs. Experience and/or interest in low level programming (C – language) for the development of embedded Linux drivers are also welcome. The candidate may also collaborate with other groups in aspects related to SoC and FPGAs.


Experience and Knowledge: The ideal candidate will have an engineering degree in Electronics, Telecomunication or Computer Engineering, be proficient in the use of VHDL and other hardware description languages, the design, implementation and test of digital embedded systems. Programming of linux drivers (C – language). Proficient level of (at least) written English. Autonomous and team work capacity.

Conditions: The contract will have a duration of three years (end of 2024), and a salary according to CSIC official salary scale. Hiring procedures will be CSIC standard hiring procedures.

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