Embedded Systems Jobs

Embedded Systems Jobs

For embedded developers

Norik Systems
Maribor, Slovenia, EU
Embedded Software Engineer

Are you interested and have some knowledge in embedded systems, microcontrollers, low-level programming, and computer electronic components? Are you familiar with Linux operating system, and want to become an embedded developer? Look no further and apply for this job position!

What will you do:

  • software development,
  • developing new, smarter software solutions,
  • testing and evaluating software,
  • cooperation with other (foreign) development teams,
  • usage of standard software development tools.

What we expect

  • bachelor’s degree or higher in computer engineering, electronics, mechatronics or something similar,
  • fluent in English, basic/advanced knowledge in German is a plus,
  • knowledge of programming languages (C, C++, python, bash script …),
  • desired knowledge in designing basic electronic circuits,
  • desired knowledge in microcontrollers,
  • a desire to work in a team,
  • desire for personal growth and gaining knowledge.

What we offer

  • full-time job (with half-year probationary period) or
  • possibility to start working as a student,
  • working in a team of young developers,
  • relaxed work environment,
  • working on different and interesting projects,
  • during the probationary period you will be helped and supervised (if needed),
  • working with other well known, foreign companies and development teams,
  • possibility of remote working and flexible working hours.

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